Studium / Medical school



Innovative Lehre

Virtuelle Seziertische ergänzen das Medizinstudium in Göttingen (Kontakt: Profs. Thomas Dresbach und Jochen Staiger).

Bild: Lars Berg. Quelle:

Virtuelle Seziertische in der Göttinger Anatomie:

Our lab

There is ample possibility for participation and training at all levels, including lab visits, individual practical courses, lab rotations, bachelor- , master-, MD-, PhD-thesis work, and PostDoc work.

Training is offered in the following methods:

  • Molecular cloning, yeast-2-hybrid assay, western blotting, subcellular fractionation, pulldown, immuno precipitation, antibody generation
  • Primary culture, cell lines, viral infection of neurons, various transfection methods, molecular perturbation methods (knockout, knockdown, overexpression)
  • Epifluorescence and confocal microscopy, live imaging, electron microscopy, DAB photooxidation electron microscopy
  • Patch-clamp and field-recording electrophysiology

Feel free to visit us.