Thomas Dresbach, Prof. Dr.

Our group studies synapse formation with particular focus on the biogenesis of presynaptic nerve terminals. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms of synaptogenesis in enough detail to pinpoint molecular causes of synaptopathies. We study neuronal cultures to unravel fundamental mechanisms operating at the heart of synaptogenesis, and we have begun to study specialized synapses such as the giant synapses of the mammalian auditory system to determine how these mechanisms act together to generate the remarkable specification and heterogeneity of synapses in the brain.


Julio Viotti, Dr.
Julio Viotti, Dr.Post-doctoral researcher
Synaptic transmission and plasticity: hippocampal synapses
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Donatus Riemann, Dr.
Donatus Riemann, Dr.Post-doctoral researcher
Role of Rogdi at synapses: a novel synaptic protein
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Rebecca Wallrafen
Rebecca WallrafenPhD student
Imaging of synaptic proteins: synaptic heterogeneity
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Ermis Pofantis, Dr.
Ermis Pofantis, Dr.Post-doctoral researcher
Synaptic transmission and plasticity: the calyx of Held
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Andoniya Petkova
Andoniya PetkovaDoctoral student
Mechanisms of synapse maturation: Neuroligins
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Irmgard Weiss
Irmgard WeissTechnical Assistant
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Klara Penkert
Klara PenkertRotation student
Jeremy Krohn
Jeremy KrohnRotation student
Hendrik Heiser
Hendrik HeiserRotation student
  • Nina Wittenmeyer
    S-SCAM and synapse formation
  • Asha Kiran Akula
    Mechanisms of presynaptic targeting
  • Frieda Wetzel
    Presynaptic heterogeneity in the auditory pathway
  • Tina Ghelani
    Nanostructure of Bassoon
  • Jan Hoeber
    Subcellular targeting of Mover
  • Kareem Soliman
    Live-STED imaging
  • Moritz Arndt
    Biochemical properties of Mover